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Writing headlines for shows like Pretty Little Liars is nearly impossible, given the easily spoilable material, so I apologize in advance for the vagueness of the headline you see above. And to those of you who have Pretty Little Liars sitting on your DVR, you’re welcome. But this is as much warning as you’re going to get. Don’t proceed if you haven’t watched tonight’s all-new episode. [SPOILERS, ahoy]

The episode opened with our favorite quartet donning orange jumpers — and not the kind you pair with a bone-colored wedge. Their only accessories? Trash-picking tools.

The girls were on community service for obstructing justice and you got the sense that they weren’t happy about it. In fact, they were downright rotten — mostly to Emily. But we later found out it was all part of a greater plan to fool “A” into thinking they were at odds, with the goal of getting the mysterious troublemaker to lure Emily, the one who appeared most vulnerable, away from her friends.

As I watched this episode, I felt — more than I ever had before — like I was watching a game of some sort; pick your sporty poison. It was the Girls vs. “A.” Every maneuver, every well-calculated play, earned a hoot and holler from me, in anticipation of impending victory for the Liars. (Thank GOD I was watching this alone or my over-reactions would have become embarrassing very fast.) After all, I knew that this season would yield a big development. (Spoiler-phobes, don’t click that hyperlink.) So, naturally, this season opener had to set them on the path, I figured. And it did.

By the end of the episode, “A” had been fooled and tried to befriend Emily and steal her from the group (just as they had intended), but then Emily (rather prematurely) revealed their plan to “A,” and “A” was enraged. Luckily, the girls came to the rescue before “A” could do some real damage with that rake. And by episode’s end, “A” had it rough — he/she was hit by a car (BIG cheer there) and had lost his/her cell phone. But if end-of-episode tantrums are any indication, “A” will be out for blood next week.

While all this was going on, the other plots left hanging in the wind at the end of the last episode saw some development. Ezra and Aria finally came clean about their relationship in a completely awkward confession, Emily found herself unable to join back up with the swim team as a result of her new criminal record, Hanna’s dad decided to move back to town (woo?), and Caleb returned from Cali but it’s a not-so-welcomed homecoming from Lucas, who, I might add, continues to be my No. 1 suspect.

So what was your favorite part of the the new episode, readers? Did you fall for the Emily twist? Did you like it? Am I the only one who watches Pretty Little Liars like it’s the NFL? And did anyone, as Hannah eloquently asked, see if “A” had boobs?

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