Naked Boys Singing
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The eight crooners of New York mainstay Naked Boys Singing! are permanently putting on their clothes. Producers of the 12-year-old musical — off-Broadway’s second longest-running show after the fully-clothed Fantasticks, and certainly its oldest all-nude, all-male musical review — announced today that the show will close at the end of the month after 3,069 performances.

The 15-song review — created by Robert Schrock and penned by a team of 12 writers, including Emmy-winning patter expert Bruce Vilanch — opened in 1999 and has not been without its share of controversy (a 2005 Milwaukee production was closed down early by police) or its boatloads of rabid fans. (Who can resist a ditty called “The Bliss of a Briss”?) The West End version is currently enjoying its second year and a Sydney show is in the pipeline for later in 2012. The last nude man sings at New York’s New World Stages on January 28.