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What’s your most anticipated pop-culture event of 2012? Some options to get you thinking: November’s final Twilight movie (for both lovers and haters, it. will. end!); this spring’s long-awaited new episodes of Mad Men; Kiefer Sutherland’s midseason return to TV with Fox’s Touch; Game of Thrones‘ second season debuting in April; July’s arrival of The Dark Knight Rises; or the December delivery of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? Or maybe the iPad 3?

Give us your most impassioned pitches below. I’ll start:

If The Man of Steel was being released in 2012 instead of 2013, that would be my No. 1. If I go more than a week without looking at a photo of Henry Cavill in the Superman costume, I get chills all over again. Without it… I’m most eagerly anticipating Magic Mike, Battleship, and John Carter. For Magic Mike, it’s not only the crazy male-stripper routines I look forward to, but also the talk-show appearances. You know Ellen DeGeneres will get someone dancing. (Okay, so it is the crazy male-stripper routines.) In fact, she should have the whole cast on live and do a faux serious Oprah Winfrey hour.For Battleship, I’m dying to see how the story sustains itself and if, as usual, America (f— yeah!) is the only country smart enough to defeat the aliens even though this invasion occurs during the international naval war games.

And for John Carter, it’s not just about a leaping Taylor Kitsch in a loincloth. It’s about a leaping Taylor Kitsch in a loincloth next to Martian characters that, judging from director Andrew Stanton’s descriptions to EW’s Adam Vary while dissecting the trailer, will give me a whole new vocabulary. “He is the holy Hekkador of the Thurns,” Stanton said of the main villain, named Matai Shang (Mark Strong), while Willem Dafoe’s Tars Tarkas is “the leader of the green-men tribe of Tharks…. He’s their Jeddak, which is the Martian term for ‘king’ or ‘leader.’” Kitsch’s John Carter has a Calot, the Martian equivalent of a loyal dog, as his best friend — and it’s named Woola. Woola!

I feel like as a Disney movie, the film must be easier to follow than a first pass at the trailer led me to believe. But that’s part of the fun, too: What if I have to ask a tween boy outside the theater what the heck just happened? In short: To me, there’s more mystery behind Magic Mike, Battleship, and John Carter than a Dark Knight or Hobbit because I truly have no idea what to expect — good or bad.

Your turn!

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