Granted I was only catching it between covering the Iowa caucus media circus, but the high point of Tuesday night’s Celebrity Wife Swap had to be when Gary Busey introduced the wife of disgraced preacher Ted Haggard, the gracious Gayle Haggard, to a Lakota Sioux Indian who within seconds of meeting her declared the devout woman “a lost soul.” Gayle Haggard was so politely offended, she was speechless. Gary Busey, meanwhile, was cackling like crazy. Celebrity Rehab was never wilder, more surreal, than this.

I was also briefly captivated by the other side of the swap, when Busey’s life partner, Steffanie Sampson, told a Bible study group led by Ted Haggard that she and Busey “are married in spirit though we have not had the human ceremony.” She then proceeded to lead the study group, reading from the Good Book and pronouncing the word “disciples” as “DISS-ables.”

I don’t know, you tell me: What was the craziest moment of this show? Did I mention that Gayle Haggard had to show Gary Busey how to put his own infant son in a high chair???

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