Demi Moore
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There’s an episode from the sixth season of Sex and the City in which the ladies debate whether Miranda had “won” her breakup with Steve since she was dating the too-good-too-be-true Dr. Robert Leeds at the time. (For the record, they declared Miranda the “winner,” in which the prize was an eventual marriage to Steve — who cheated on her in the first movie — and enduring the all-around terribleness of the second movie.) So let’s imagine a scenario in which fellow single, sexy fortysomething Demi Moore is sitting around with her gal pals (the cast of Now and Then, natch) discussing whether she bested soon-to-be-ex-husband Ashton Kutcher.

While her former flame may have the TV ratings behemoth Two and a Half Men on his side, it’s safe to say that since their split, she’s “winning” the breakup so far. Not only has Moore been handling Twitter drama far better than Kutcher, but the actress — who all but put her career on the back burner over the past few years to play headline-grabbing wife/celebrity tweeter/activist instead — is currently starring in the critically praised Margin Call and has taken on the responsibility of playing feminist trailblazer Gloria Steinem in the other Linda Lovelace biopic, Lovelace. Kutcher, on the other hand, can currently be seen on the big screen in New Year’s Eve. ‘Nuff said.

Aside from the obvious, if not unfair, judgment that Moore is going from playing a stripper to Steinem (after all, other actresses have gone from exotic to iconic before, like Salma Hayek, who hit the pole in both From Dusk to Dawn and Dogma and then went on to play Frida Kahlo in Frida, or Nicole Kidman, who switched gears from courtesan in Moulin Rouge to winning an Oscar for portraying Virginia Woolf in The Hours), could Lovelace turn out to be exactly the right move for Moore? While there’s no guarantee that Lovelace could turn out to be as well-received as, say, The Hours or Frida, Moore’s strengths have always lain in drama. (While her career has always been something of a mixed bag, for every Bobby, The Scarlet Letter, and yes, Striptease, there’s A Few Good Men, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Ghost to balance it out.) And while Moore has never really gone away, the actress is still poised and now in the position for a second comeback. (Remember gawking at her bikini bod in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, no matter how infuriatingly impressive it was?)

Of course, while Moore isn’t actually competing with Kutcher, it does seem like this is her time to show Hollywood (and, okay, maybe to some satisfying extent, Kutcher too) that she’s still got it.

Does it feel like Moore is in the midst of making a comeback to you, PopWatchers? Do you think it’s nothing more than coincidence that she’s taking on a high-profile role after a high-profile divorce or a calculated effort to strike while the iron is hot? Have you missed her presence on the big screen or Twitter more as of late? Share in the comments section below.

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