Giuliana Rancic announced her breast cancer diagnosis on Today — and her decision to move forward with a double mastectomy — so it’s no surprise that she returned on NBC’s morning program to talk about her progress alongside husband Bill Rancic. And while the E! anchor looks beautiful two weeks after her surgery, Giuliana mainly discussed the ugly side of breast cancer. “I feel great considering it has only been about two and a half weeks, but I still have a ways to go,” she said about her recovery process.

On Today, Giuliana spoke about being in good spirits prior to the surgery, but focused on the harsh aftermath of the procedure. The newswoman, who still cannot perform simple tasks like buckling her seat belt and raising her hands above her head, said that the surgery and morphine made her ill. “I knew this was going to be a tough surgery,” she told Matt Lauer. “Up until a week and a half ago, it was hell.”

Still, Giuliana tried to remain positive, even breaking a record for the most laps walked around the hospital ward following the surgery. And sharing her story has helped many fans — Bill told Lauer that several people have told them they’ve decided to get tested for breast cancer after hearing Giuliana’s story. “If you can save one life through this proess, you’re turning this negative into an incredible positive.” Bill said. Video after the jump.

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