By Stephan Lee
December 30, 2011 at 07:52 PM EST
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Game of Thrones fans had to wait six years for A Dance With Dragons, book 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire series, to finally hit shelves. But five short months after the publication of Dragons, Martin has posted a chapter from book 6, The Winds of Winter, on his website. He also promises that the paperback edition of Dragons, released July 2012, will contain yet another sample chapter from Winter. That’s not to say we’re holding our breath for book 6’s speedy publication, but in the meantime, here are are few quick reactions to the new chapter “Theon” [spoilers!]:

  • Theon continues to rediscover his balls. Though the thought of him dying painfully has a certain attraction, it’s pretty clear he has a big role (and redemption?) to come.
  • I wonder how much of this will make it into the actual book. George R.R. Martin is notorious for rewriting things over and over. Something tells me we might not see this in the final copy, whenever it comes out.
  • This Ser Justin Massey seems like a chump. I wonder how he’s going to screw over Stannis — not that Stannis doesn’t deserve it for being so trusting.
  • Love seeing the Karstarks get called out for planning to betray Stannis. Not due to love for Stannis, but because they are fighting for the Boltons. I’m wondering though if they are going to see the light and double-cross the Boltons.
  • Asha Greyjoy rocks. One of the best characters. She really makes Theon/Reek look like a baby.
  • Your turn: Where do you see Winds of Winter going? What’s next for Theon? Is anybody thrown (no pun intended) by the purple-on-purple color scheme of GRRM’s website?

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