Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous, the British cult hit of the ’90s that makes the Mad Men crew look like a bunch of light drinkers, is coming back for three new episodes for the show’s 20th anniversary airing on BBC America in January. What antics are you most looking forward to seeing Patsy and Edina get into? Can the (now 60-something) ladies still pull off passing for twentysomethings? Has their drink of choice (and drug of choice) changed in the past 20 years, or even the past six, when we last saw the drunken duo on air?

I’m most interested to see what’s happening with Saffron, Edina’s daughter, who is always taking the brunt of the abuse and gets stuck cleaning up after her mom and Patsy. But now that she’s well into her 30s, will Saffron take it anymore? In a clip on BBC America, it looks like Patsy and Edina are shifting their mean-spirited ways to younger targets — in this case an intern at Patsy’s fashion magazine who takes some heat for lunching with designer Karl Lagerfeld.

In an interview with New York magazine, show creator Jennifer Saunders said she’d love to do an Ab Fab movie, and she noted that in the new episodes Edina is still doing her best to stay relevant: “Eddy still forces herself to listen to a rap record.”

So, PopWatchers, do you think Eddy’s choice in music will be more Jay-Z or Snoop? What would you want to see Edina and Patsy get up to these days? How far do you think the pair have gone to stay young and hip?