By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 29, 2011 at 09:33 PM EST

Visible Measures and Ad Age have released their annual list of the Top 10 most viral brands, and once again, Old Spice tops it. Credit is largely due to Fabio, star of the “New Old Spice Guy Fabio” campaign. Let that sink in. Volkswagen, which didn’t even make the list last year, was No. 2 with a bullet, thanks to “The Force,” the memorable Super Bowl spot that featured 6-year-old Max Page as the aspiring Darth Vader. What’s great about that one: It’s guilt-free viewing, it’s entertaining even if you have no intention of buying a new car, and it never gets old. Watch it again below. It’s still perfection. It helped lead Volkswagen’s videos to roughly 85 million views online in all — about 10 million fewer than Old Spice.

The remainder of the Top 10 most viral brands:

3. Google (79 million views, led by “The Web Is What You Make of It” campaign)

4. Nike (64 million views, led by “Back 4 the Future”)

5. Apple (63 million views, led by “Introducing iPhone 4S”)

6. T-Mobile (62 million views, led by “Royal Wedding”)

7. Evian (55 million views, led by “Live Young”)

8. DC Shoes (52 million views, led by “Gymkhana Three”)

9. Doritos (49 million views, led by “Crash the Super Bowl 2011”)

10. Samsung (48 million views, led by “Gamer Commute”)