Let’s face it: Not everyone on TV can be Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe), whose immaculate gown collection on Revenge makes her look like she’s stepped out of a magical silk sea that changes jewel tones at her every whim and envelops her in liquid wealth for every occasion — “breakfast,” for example. Nope, sometimes people on TV just look like crap. I’ve started a list of 2011’s Worst-Dressed TV People below. But it will likely seem as incomplete as Kurt’s ridiculous one-sleeved cowl-neck sweater on Glee, so please add your own suggestions in the comments!

Any Real Housewife, but particularly Teresa Guidice (uh-oh, do we need a separate post on 2011’s Worst Makeup Jobs That Look Like Masks?), and Kim and Kyle Richards. Kyle should feel free to ditch her unnecessarily “Grecian” look any day now.

Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory — strange, considering her boyfriend, Sheldon Cooper, is a surprisingly adept geeky dresser for being a social outcast. Maybe she can’t help it. I mean, she is Blossom.

Jess on New Girl (Zooey Deschanel). “It’s a mess!” Seriously, with the overalls? Who does she think she is — Angela Chase?

Robin on How I Met Your Mother. We hate to say it, because Cobie Smulders is so damn cute, but both her hair and wardrobe have been disastrous this season. Meanwhile, pregnant Lily’s style keeps getting cuter.

Manny’s little man suits on Modern Family are kind of freaky. We know they’re part of the character, but still.

Kat Dennings’ chunky belts on 2 Broke Girls do her awesome figure no justice. You’d think a Brooklyn resident would have ditched that trend well before it was over years ago.

Mark Ballas’ spats on Dancing With the Stars. STOP IT.

MORE CAUSE FOR ALL-CAPS: JAMES DURBIN’S ‘TAILS’ on American Idol. Honorable mentions: Naima’s jumpsuits, Paul McDonald’s skinny jeans, Casey Abrams’ overall look, that one time J. Lo wore an “I don’t give a s—” turban during season 10 auditions.

Christina Aguilera’s “all boobs, no torso” aesthetic on The Voice was especially disconcerting when she attempted Heidi braids.

Steve Jones’ too-tight suits on The X Factor — though their low-impact blight on reality TV may have been overshadowed by that one time Nicole Scherzinger wore a hyper-color knee-length dress with black lace overlay.

Your turn! Want to take a side on Jennifer Morrison’s “looks like pleather but it’s custom-made leather” rainbow of jackets on Once Upon a Time? Is she stylish or is she a tacky superhero? Is it James Dean or Jason Priestley? Carpe diem, okay? You looked hot in it.

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