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Updated December 28, 2011 at 07:49 PM EST
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It’s the perfect gift to begin to ring in the New Year: The first 10 minutes of the January 4 episode of Revenge are streaming over at, and it’s a doozy. Check it out, and meet me after the jump for some spoiler-filled talk.

The cat’s out of the bag, or rather, the gun is out of the holster. As we had originally seen in the tease for the new episode, Tyler is indeed ruining Daniel’s low-key birthday party, Oliver Trask–style. But now instead of a giant question mark, we know (or at least it appears—we should never assume with this show!) that Tyler’s target is Emily—who seems genuinely frightened and not at all like she planned this or it’s part of a bigger revenge plotline for her. We already know Daniel is getting shot soon—I wonder if Tyler will pull the trigger on Emily and make the whole town attempted-murder-happy.

I’m liking what Emily is saying via voice-over about actions committed under duress. Seeing Tyler pull a gun early is making me more and more convinced that it could be Tyler who shoots Daniel in the series’ climactic scene/worst engagement party ever. Emily seems to be genuinely falling in love with Daniel and I just wonder if she’s going to have to remove herself even further from that tragic act. If she could manipulate Tyler’s rage and obvious violent tendencies, he might be the perfect co-conspirator—of course, he would have to be kept in the dark and think he’s acting of his own accord.

The new clip also has Emily patching things up with a suddenly-kind-of-hot Nolan (Just me? Probably) and while Nolan seems rightly concerned that Tyler is now in possession of the whale cam, Emily seems shockingly fine with it. All those videos Tyler now has access to may be “just enough rope to hang himself” according to Emily. Perhaps, per usual, she’s got an even bigger plan? If the information Tyler thinks he has is manipulated, then he might feel like he’s in over his head, panic and shoot either himself (I think that is a definite possibility at some point) or Daniel if Emily helps him see it as a way out of this complicated mess.

I’m most intrigued by Daniel’s conversations with his parents. He seems to patch things up with his father after telling him that he wants Tyler fired and Conrad agreeing, but then he turns around and tells his mother about the conversation with Conrad. I imagine he’s still on his mom’s side, but I predict he’ll be switching allegiances at least once more during the sure-to-be-epic Grayson divorce battle. The scene where Conrad and Victoria meet to discuss property-dividing with their respective attorneys was cold, calculated perfection. Charlotte is definitely going to factor heavily into how their divorce plays out—if it continues to play out at all.

The single greatest second of this preview is in the closing moment, when Tyler blackmails Conrad in Conrad’s office, and Conrad looks at him and says, “You really are a sonofabitch, aren’t you?” “Yes, it does appear that you despicable people are starting to rub off on me.” Tyler’s creepy half-smile and death-becomes-him eyes of steel tell me his revenge plans are far from over—and I love it.

Readers: Are you obsessing over the first 10 minutes? Has this extended preview changed any of your theories? What is Jack up to during all of this? And what of (dun, dun, dun) Lydia?

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