Good riddance, cheesy holiday specials: The midseason lineup can’t start soon enough!

Lucky for you esteemed TV lovers, originals of some cable shows begin before you get all blotto on Dec. 31. But the ball really starts rolling the next day, when we’re treated to more fresh episodes of Hoarding: Buried Alive and Baseball Wives. Joy!

Here are the premiere dates for broadcast and cable shows through the end of February:

Dec. 28

True Life (season premiere, MTV)

Dec. 29

Urban Oasis Giveaway (series premiere, HGTV)

The Best Place I Ever Sold (series premiere, HGTV)

NY Ink (season premiere, TLC)

Hook, Line & Sisters (series premiere, TLC)

Dec. 30

Infested! (season premiere, Animal Planet)

Four Weddings (season premiere, TLC)

Jan. 1

Angry Boys (series premiere, HBO)

Oprah’s Next Chapter (series premiere, OWN)

Finding Bigfoot (series premiere, Animal Planet)

Extreme Clutter (season premiere, OWN)

Hoarding: Buried Alive (season premiere, TLC)

Baseball Wives (season premiere, Vh1)

Jan. 2

Pretty Little Liars (season premiere, ABC Family)

The Lying Game (season premiere, ABC Family)

It’s A Brad, Brad World (series premiere, Bravo)

Hoarders (season premiere, A&E)

Intervention (season premiere, A&E)

PetKeeping with Marc Morrone (season premiere, Hallmark)

Jan. 3

Jane By Design (series premiere, ABC Family)

Switched At Birth (season premiere, ABC Family)

The Biggest Loser (season premiere, NBC)

Campus PD (series premiere, G4)

Work It (series premiere, ABC)

Celebrity Wife Swap (series premiere, ABC)

Jan. 4

Dog the Bounty Hunter (season premiere, A&E)

Steven Seagal: Lawman (season premiere, A&E)

Not My Mama’s Meals with Bobby Dean (series premiere, Cooking)

Mobbed (series premiere, Fox)

Jan. 5

Jersey Shore (season premiere, MTV)

Project Runway All Stars (series premiere, Lifetime)

Jan. 6

Merlin (season premiere, SyFy)

Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta (season premiere, TLC)

Portlandia (season premiere, IFC)

Jan. 7

My Cat From Hell (season premiere, Animal Planet)

Jan. 8

Gator Boys (series premiere, Animal Planet)

Oprah’s Master Class (season premiere, OWN)

The Firm (series premiere, NBC)

Jan. 9

Caged (series premiere, MTV)

First Week In (series premiere, Discovery)

House of Anubis (series premiere, Nick)

Jan. 10

Shipping Wars (series premiere, A&E)

Dance Wars (season premiere, Lifetime)

Tabatha Takes Over (season premiere, Bravo)

Jan. 11

Ghost Hunters (season premiere, SyFy)

Face Off (season premiere, SyFy)

Are You There, Chelsea? (series premiere, NBC)

One Tree Hill (season premiere, CW)

Jan. 12

Rob! (series premiere, CBS)

The Finder (series premiere, Fox)

30 Rock (season premiere, NBC)

Jan. 13

Blade (series premiere, G4)

Jan. 15

Napoleon Dynamite (series premiere, Fox)

Undercover Boss (season premiere, CBS)

Jan. 16

Lost Girl (series premiere, SyFy)

Being Human (season premiere, SyFy)

The Revolution (series premiere, ABC)

Alcatraz (series premiere, Fox)

Jan. 17

Southland (season premiere, TNT)

Justified (season premiere, FX)

Ink Master (series premiere, Spike)

Remodeled (series premiere, CW)

Jan. 19

Archer (season premiere, FX)

Unsupervised (series premiere, FX)

Jan. 20

On Freddie Roach (series premiere, HBO)

Jan. 22

American Idol (season premiere, Fox)

Jan. 23

Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas (season premiere, Oxygen)

Jan. 24

Bizarre Foods America (season premiere, Travel)

Joan & Melissa: Smotherhood (season premiere, WE)

Jan. 26

Common Law (series premiere, USA Network)

Jan. 27

Bering Sea Gold (series premiere, Discovery)

Spartacus: Vengeance (season premiere, Starz)

Jan. 29

Luck (series premiere, HBO)

Jan. 30

Best Ink (series premiere, Oxygen)

RuPaul’s Drag Race (season premiere, Logo)

Feb. 2

I Just Want My Pants Back (series premiere, MTV)

Feb. 3

Who Do You Think You Are? (series premiere, NBC)

Feb. 5

The Voice (season premiere, NBC)

Feb. 6

Smash (series premiere, NBC)

Feb. 7

Jersey Couture (season premiere, Oxygen)

Real Housewives of Orange County (season premiere, Bravo)

The River (series premiere, ABC)

Feb. 12

Secret Stash (series premiere, AMC)

The Walking Dead (season premiere, AMC)

Comic Men (series premiere, AMC)

Celebrity Apprentice (season premiere, NBC)

Feb. 19

Eastbound & Down (season premiere, HBO)

Feb. 22

Ghost Hunters International (season premiere, SyFy)