Denis Leary released a radical Islamist parody of A Charlie Brown Christmas several years ago, but that hasn’t stopped several groups from taking issue with it now. Just days after the comedian reposted a video on his WhoSay site in which Charlie copes with his doubts about Christianity by converting to Islam and building a flawed bomb, several have condemned the video, claiming it encourages an Islamophobic attitude. (The video is from a nearly 7-year-old Comedy Central special.)

In the parody, Linus replaces his meaning of Christmas speech with one in which he claims the jihadist goal is to “bring terror” to its enemies. The video ends with the Peanuts crew helping Charlie build a nuclear bomb, which sends him and Linus to a hell filled with 72 Marcies. Though the video might sound familiar to Leary fans, sites like Islamophobia Watch have only recently stumbled upon it: “Just what the world needs,” Islamophobia Watch’s site reads. “A jaw-droppingly Islamophobic video has been posted by Irish-American comedian Denis Leary on WhoSay. Some years ago Leary took a firm stand against Mel Gibson’s antisemitism. But apparently crude anti-Muslim stereotyping is fine with Leary.” (Leary’s reps have yet to respond to EW’s request for comment.)

The video is also getting extra traction via Glenn Bleck’s That site’s readers, however, don’t appear to be offended by the video. See it after the jump.

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