By Mandi Bierly
December 27, 2011 at 11:46 PM EST
Kerry Hayes
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The news of Van Halen hitting the road again in 2012 got me thinking about the other comebacks I’m eagerly awaiting. Next year, I’ll happily welcome the return of:

Sappy Rachel McAdams: The Vow, costarring Channing Tatum, is the closest we’ll get to her doing a sequel to The Notebook.

 Sappy Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation: Something was missing in 2011, and it was me dragging friends to see one of these. Zac Efron’s biceps are making The Lucky One a surprisingly easy sell. 

Taylor Kitsch’s long hair: Just because it had to be short to shoot the movie Battleship doesn’t mean it has to be short when he’s out promoting it.

• Hugh Grant: I’m looking forward to his first animated feature The Pirates! Band of Misfits, but even more so to his talk show appearances.

• Katherine Heigl: Maybe it’s just a backlash to the backlash, or an acknowledgment of the number of times I’ve watched Life As We Know It on cable, but I want to see One for the Money.

• Daniel Radcliffe, movie star: He’s EW’s Entertainer of the Year, so he doesn’t need a “comeback,” but The Woman in Black will be the first true test of whether movie audiences embrace Radcliffe outside Hogwarts in a film that’s supposed to make some money.

The Expendables 2: After enjoying “thinking man” summer action flicks like The Dark Knight Rises and The Bourne Legacy, it’ll be fun to get back to basics and just blow some s— up.

Daniel Craig as James Bond: It will have been four years, but time has been kind to him.

• The male-stripper movie, and Matthew McConaughey to possible Dazed and Confused comic greatness: Partly because I’m tired of no one getting my references to the 1983 Christopher Atkins movie A Night in Heaven and partly because this first photo is promising.

• Community: It better happen.

What makes your list of welcome 2012 returns?

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