Even while “We Found Love” continues to dominate the top of the Billboard Hot 100 (it’s going into its ninth week at the chart’s pinnacle, with no signs of slowing and no sturdy challengers nipping at its heels), Rihanna refuses to let the train slow down.

On Friday, she released the video for her latest album Talk That Talk‘s new single “You Da One.” Though it didn’t seem like a standout track on the album, it does make perfect sense as a single, as its down-tempo dub rhythms contrast nicely with the four-on-the-floor strobe light pump of “We Found Love.” Of course, it still has an impeccable pop sheen (provided by co-producer Dr. Luke) and a sweetly rolling melody (likely care of co-writer Ester Dean).

The video also takes a left hand turn, veering away from the ultra-intense narrative of “We Found Love” in favor of a more experimental, head-trippy vibe. Rihanna appears in a handful of set-ups by herself, blows smoke that occasionally forms words, and uses her (deceptively not nude) body as a canvas for various black-and-white projections. Check it out below, but be warned: There is a lot of crotch grabbing.

What do you think of Rihanna’s latest video opus? How does it compare to her other clips? And has she yet again found herself at the center of an “S&M”-esque photography theft scandal? Sound off in the comments.