One of the best things about owning all three Lord of the Rings extended director’s cut DVDs is the extras. When the DVDs were first released, I remember sitting in front of my television for hours, devouring the behind-the-scenes footage like it was a piece of lembas. (And it was just as satisfying, too!) So what a treat to be able to be able to go behind the scenes of The Hobbit before the film even hits the big screen.

In The Hobbit‘s latest video diary, director Peter Jackson takes us on location with the cast and crew, giving us a sneak peek at one of the film’s biggest stars: New Zealand. Fans of the films were in awe of the country’s scenery in the first three films, and, based on the video, we can prepare to be wowed again. That is, when we’re not feeling nostalgic — the video gives us a look into a familiar territory, Hobbiton. If you got goosebumps watching Bag End’s door open, you’re not alone. Both Jackson and Elijah Wood — reprising his role as Frodo — were more than happy to return. “It’s weird when you come back to a place you literally thought you’d never see again,” said Jackson, so entranced by the set that he even expressed a desire to move into a hobbit hole. Wood, however, appeared to be the most nostalgic, remembering how he first stepped foot in the fictional Middle-Earth village when he was 19 years old (“I’m 30 now,” he said.): “I’ll never forget that feeling of coming to Hobbiton for the first time,” Wood said in the video. You’re not alone, Frodo!

Watch the video — the best Christmas present Lord of the Rings fans could hope for — after the jump!

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