By Darren Franich
Updated March 15, 2021 at 07:59 PM EDT

HBO Films seems to have two essential mission statements. First, to corner the market on Al Pacino’s good acting (see: Angels in America, You Don’t Know Jack, the upcoming Phil Spector biopic. Second, and more importantly, the moviemaking arm of the network appears to be constructing a complete chronology of American history, from the Revolution (John Adams) through the Great War (Band of Brothers, The Pacific), and right up to our disturbing modern moment (Recount, Too Big to Fail).

Next year’s Game Change is an intriguing new entry in the HBO History canon, adapting the addictive behind-the-scenes muckrake of the 2008 presidential campaign into a star-studded film. Intriguingly, the film apparently won’t follow the book’s fascinating portrayal of the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama primary fight; instead, it will focus entirely on the eleventh-hour arrival of Governor Sarah Palin in John McCain’s campaign. The first trailer features Ed Harris as McCain, but predictably, Julianne Moore’s Palin steals the show. Watch below:

Hey, maybe when Game Change airs, Julianne Moore can host Saturday Night Live, and she can do her Palin impersonation, and then the real Sarah Palin can walk onstage and say, “I would’ve preferred that Jodie Foster play me,” and then Jodie Foster can walk onstage and do a Sarah Palin impression. And then Tina Fey can show up and give birth in character as Sarah Palin. I guarantee it’ll get, like, two million hits on YouTube.

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