I thought I’d just about had my fill of reality food/eating shows, but the debut of Suzilla, The Mouth That Roars is awfully fun and satisfying. It airs tonight on Planet Green network.

Suzilla is Suzanne French, and she is, I gather, a bit of a big deal in competitive eating circles, currently fourth-ranked. More to the point for TV purposes, she’s a relative-to-her-consumption petite blonde with a perky personality with wide eyes and a hearty guffaw — that’s not a sexist characterization, it’s a measure of how well she comes across as a TV personality.

Thus when, in The Mouth That Roars, Suzilla goes to Los Angeles’ Fat Sal’s to consume a gigantic sandwich, part of the fascination of the show consists of seeing this young woman square off against co-owner Sal as they try to down the restaurant’s “Big Fat Fatty,” a 50-buck sandwich that includes five cheeseburgers, pastrami, chicken fingers, French fries, and onion rings.

The second challenge of the episode, downing chicken wings at D’s Original Take-Out Grill in South Central L.A., suggests the promise of Suzilla as an ongoing series. It’s got the competition element, to be sure — Suzilla going up against a local eating hero, Big Ron, to consume wings that taste, in Suzilla’s tantalizing phrase, like “candy and meat had a baby” — but the segment is also a well-shot profile of the family that runs this restaurant.

All in all, a promising, hunger-inducing start to a new series. Check it out.

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