If you’re still stumped on what to get the fashionable-yet-wildly-intelligent-politico in your life, Today offered up a wonderfully strange pairing this morning to help you with your dilemma when they sat Bill Clinton next to The Office‘s Mindy Kaling for a segment on gift recommendations for book lovers.

Kaling found herself embarrassed when Bubba rec’d books from the likes of Marcus Aurelius, David Fromkin, and Seamus Heaney. “I didn’t know his list when I made my list,” she defended. “I would have made it more Ph.D.-friendly.” Kaling’s picks included Stephen King’s 11/22/63, Tina Fey’s Bossypants, and Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson’s new photography book, Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson.

Frankly, I know many people who would find value in both sets of picks. (See their full lists here.) In fact, I really wish Clinton and Kaling made book recommendations more often. Talk about a well-rounded education. I’d join that book club. Watch below and see for yourself.