By Sandra Gonzalez
December 19, 2011 at 02:23 PM EST

Apparently a little vino can’t solve all of life’s problems.

Syndicated public television show, Vine Talk, is having trouble paying several of the participants who joined actor and host Stanley Tucci for installments of the wine tasting/chat show, according to the New York Times. Jersey Wooly Productions, the show’s primary producer, is said to owe about $500,000 to participants, including WNET, one of the show’s public television partners, which also housed the show in its Lincoln Center studio.

A spokesperson from WNET did not immediately return EW’s request for comment, but Tucci’s representative confirmed that the actor’s production company, Olive Productions, which previously was listed as a co-producer, withdrew from the project this past summer.

Vine Talk premiered back in April.


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