By James Hibberd
Updated December 19, 2011 at 08:51 PM EST

UPDATE: Terra Nova season finale recap is here: “Back to the Future.”

Preview: You know the show that you’ve always wanted Terra Nova to be? The more grounded, grown-up, believable TV series that felt like a true struggle for survival? Monday’s two-hour finally delivers that show — or something very close to it, at any rate (and hopefully not too late). Directed by 24 vet Jon Cassar, the finale is easily the best episode of the season, with exciting action, surprises, and a satisfying ending. If you haven’t watched any Terra Nova since the pilot, don’t worry, you can still follow along. Here’s a 90-second preview. After watching sure to check out the recap, including the fun results of our Give Taylor an Eye Patch Photo Contest). Here’s a 90-second clip from the finale, that doesn’t really give anything away…