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The Czech Republic just released the results of its recent national census. Most of the details will only be interesting to Mitteleuropa fanboys — yowza, the amount of people who self-identify as Moravians has doubled! — but the website Czech Position highlights one intriguing quirk: 15,070 of respondents marked their religion as “Knights of the Jedi.” Admittedly, that only comes out to about .001% of the population. But hey, there was a time when Christianity was just thirteen dudes wandering through a desert. Could Star Wars actually become a viable religion?

As noted by the Huffington Post, there is an official website for the Jedi Church. Apparently, the Church “has no official doctrine or scripture,” but it’s primary beliefs are the recognition that “all living things share a living force and that all people have an innate knowledge of what is right and wrong.” Which basically means that it’s as brilliant and as inane as any other religion, although admittedly the Jedi Church is self-aware enough to declare “No religion is truth. It is all just a matter of faith.” Actually, you could say that the Jedi religion features some intriguing moral complications, since the whole “Light/Dark Side of the Force” structure is an inherent admission that the Church’s powers can be used for evil or good.

PopWatchers, are you or anyone you know proud believers in the Jedi Church? Is this just a matter of the Jedi census phenomenon gone berserk? Do the practitioners of the Jedi religion just ignore midi-chlorians, kind of like how Christians ignore Leviticus?

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