Credit: John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images

The Packers lost! The Colts won! Cats and dogs — living together! Mass hysteria! Week 15 of the NFL saw two streaks come to improbable ends, as the undefeated Packers fell to Kansas City the week after the Chiefs scalped their head coach. And in Indianapolis, the winless Colts shocked the Titans and moved within a game of losing their rights to next year’s No. 1 draft pick. Um, way to go, Indy?

Here’s what else you need to know about football to make nice with your face-painting co-workers:

1.) “Watching Tebow against Brady was like watching John McClane fight James Bond.”

In a study in contrasting styles, Tom Brady’s Patriots ended Tim Tebow’s Broncos’ six-game winning streak, 41-23. Tebow rumbled for two touchdowns, but the Patriots made him fight for every yard, eventually causing him to make mistakes. The suave Brady, on the other hand, picked apart the Denver defense for 320 yards and two scores — all while cradling a martini in one hand.

2.) “The Jets and Giants played themselves into a corner. Now it’s going to be like West Side Story next week.”

After beating the Cowboys last week, the Giants were in the driver’s seat in the NFC East. But after laying an egg against the last-place Redskins yesterday, they’re back to fighting for their playoff lives. Meanwhile, the Jets were spanked by the suddenly lively Eagles, handing the division title to New England. The Jets are still in the wild-card hunt, but now the two New York teams face off against each other next week. The loser will be hard-pressed to make the playoffs.

3.) “Anthony Hargrove gave Johnny Knox the full-on Bane treatment.”

In the most gruesome injury of the season, Seattle’s Hargrove folded the Bears’ Knox in half, backwards. The instant replays made it seem like the wide receiver might actually break in half. Just as Bane once broke Batman’s back in the comic book, Knox suffered a back injury and will have surgery today to stabilize his vertebra. Fortunately, he’s expected to play football again.