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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Considering what an outsider Coach was among his tribe when he first arrived on the beach, he did an amazing job in getting to the end, but what was his fatal flaw? Was it making promises to too many people? Was it not bringing people to the end that would have been easier to beat, like Rick and Edna? Or was it all his double-talk at the final Tribal Council? It seemed like instead of just owning what he had done, like Todd in Survivor: China, he waffled and made apologies that probably didn’t seem sincere to a lot of the jury members. Where did Coach lose this game?

JEFF PROBST: His number-one mistake was bringing Sophie to the end. Ozzy and Albert both warned him. He didn’t see it. The fumbling at final tribal is inevitable when you play the way Coach did. But a more strategic move to keep Rick and lose Sophie may have resulted in a million dollars. On the other hand, without Sophie, Ozzy very well might have won the final challenge and beat Coach anyway!

Take me back to the house-of-cards challenge. I actually thought that was pretty smart of Sophie to try and convince Albert to join forces to beat Ozzy. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone try that before. Were you all surprised by that and was there any quick on-the-spot discussion by you and the other producers (or the CBS standards and practices person that is on hand at all the challenges) over whether something like that would be allowed?

No discussion. Ganging up in any overt way is just not allowed. The definition of overt is a judgment call that CBS trusts me to make.

Wow. I can’t even begin to imagine what the holidays are going to be like at the Hantz household this year. Was that one of the simultaneously most riveting and uncomfortable reunion moments you’ve ever had, when Russell lit into his nephew and Brandon talked about how hard his family had been on him because of how he played?

Yes. Sad that a game can disrupt a family so severely. I felt for Brandon the entire season and the reunion show was no different. Very uncomfortable.

Instead of teasing us up for next week you get to tease us up for next season. Drop your first hint about Survivor: One World right here and right now!

Clue: There is still more to be revealed.

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