In the new music and pop culture trivia game show Funny or Die’s Billy On the Street, premiering Dec. 22 on FUSE, comedian Billy Eichner pounds the pavement of New York City ambushing pedestrians with important challenges like, “Miss, for a dollar, name two Anne Hathaway movies,” “Sir, little gay, little gay, which makes more sense, Tori Spelling or a crop circle?” and “True or false, Celine Dion is 65 percent bird?”

Watch a preview below and admire his abilities to charm someone into almost admitting she’d like to have a threeway with Michael Bublé and Josh Groban and to yell at someone who can’t think of the title Love and Other Drugs. We asked Eichner to name five reasons we should tune in. He gave us six.

Billy Eichner’s Top 6 Reasons To Watch ‘Funny or Die’s Billy On the Street’

1. Because in the fourth episode I get into an argument with a toothless homeless man about whether it’s finally Glenn Close’s year to win the Oscar.

2. Because in the sixth episode I run around asking people if they think Adele is lactose intolerant.

3. Because it’s the only piece of entertainment out there that doesn’t feature anyone named Jessica Chastain.

4. Because in the third episode I almost get into a fist fight with an old lesbian who doesn’t care about Moneyball.

5. Because in the second episode I run up to an uptight white man and all I say are the words “We Bought A Zoo! We Bought A Zoo!” over and over again. He has no response.

6. Because Patton Oswalt told me he’s genuinely afraid one of the contestants might murder me before Season 2. Happy Holidays!

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