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Let’s think back for a moment to the start of the fall TV season when we were giddy with hope and optimism about all the new (Hart of Dixie! New Girl! The X Factor!) and old (Modern Family! Glee! Fringe!) shows we’d watch in the months ahead. Back then I posted a series of blog posts outlining what I planned to view live versus DVR every night of the week. At the time, I really did have every intention of sticking to my schedule, but naturally as the weeks wore on and plotlines developed my interests began to waver, for better and for worse. I’m sure you know what I mean, unless you’re one of those people who actually follows through with your goals, in which case we can’t be friends. Nevertheless, now that we’re in the midst of the dreaded hiatus period, I figured it would be a good time to reflect on where we started off this season and where we ended up. Check out my day-by-day post-mort below, beginning with all the shows I so naively intended to watch:

Live: The Lying Game, Hart of Dixie, Castle

DVR: Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls

Post-Mort: Though I enjoyed The Lying Game when it aired in the summer, I failed to keep up with it in the fall. Instead, I’ve handed that time spot to the sardonic ladies on 2 Broke Girls, which moved up in the ranks from a back-up DVR show to a series that I make a point to watch live. In fact, it’s my only Monday night constant. Rachel Bilson still inspires me to check out Hart of Dixie once in awhile, but the same can’t be the said for Ashton Kutcher and Two and a Half Men (not that I watched the show any more when Sheen was around). As for Castle? Well, I really wanted to watch it weekly this season, but I failed to give it the time it deserved (there’s always next year, right? 2012 resolutions here we come!).

Live: Glee, Ringer, Unforgettable

DVR: New Girl, Raising Hope

Post-Mort: Much like I intended to do with Castle on Monday nights, I thought I’d give Glee a real shot on Tuesdays, but it didn’t happen (musical shows, it turns out, just really aren’t my thing… unless of course Community is doing a ridiculously awesome parody of said shows). Instead, I’ve been rushing home to watch New Girl live, followed usually by a dose of the totally underrated comedy, Raising Hope. Of course, with both those shows being bumped to “live” status, I needed something to fill out my DVR and that honor went to Ringer and Unforgettable.

Live: Up All Night, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Revenge

DVR: The X Factor

Post-Mort: Thursdays have traditionally been my best-TV nights, but this season Wednesdays came very close to taking that title, thanks to a couple of fantastic comedies and one deliciously soapy series. While I’ll sometimes end up recording the freshman show Up All Night, Modern Family has continued to be can’t-miss TV and now, the same can be said for Happy Endings. Also a new favorite? Revenge, which adds just the right amount of drama to an otherwise comedy-driven night. The only show that didn’t make the cut was The X Factor, sorry Simon and Paula.

Live: The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Jersey Shore

DVR: Community, Parks and Recreation, Bones, Prime Suspect

Post-Mort: The Vampire Diaries is still at the top of my list but The Secret Circle has been relegated to the DVR (there’s only so much supernatural teenage angst I can take for one night!). Community and Parks and Recreation — two of my favorite comedies — are also still set to record. And yes, I know Community’s return is indefinite but it will always have a spot in my DVR. I’ve surprisingly stopped keeping up with Bones (though I do intend to catch up… eventually) and I (like everyone else apparently) failed to watch the now canceled Prime Suspect. I also said ciao to Jersey Shore half-way through the Italian adventure… Turns out, my interest in reality shows is beginning to fade.

Live: Nikita, Fringe, Blue Bloods

DVR: Chuck, Grimm, Say Yes to the Dress

Post-Mort: It took me writing this post to realize I have not kept up with ANY of the shows I planned to on Friday nights. I know, pathetic. I wish I could say it was because my amazing social life got in the way, but let’s be real. The truth is that I’m still sitting in front of the TV, but instead of watching what I said I would, I use that time to catch up on shows recorded earlier in the week, or more often than not, really cheesy holiday movies (don’t judge!). The only explanation that I can come up with for completely ditching my pre-planned lineup is that I prefer to end my work week with something lighter, and almost all the shows on my Friday list are pretty action packed. That being said, I do try to DVR Fringe (if only because I’m loyal to Pacey… er, Joshua Jackson) and Grimm, while catching repeats of the other shows whenever they happen to be on.

Okay, so now it’s your turn. Did you end up watching all the shows you planned to this season? Or did you drop some along the way? Discuss in the comments!

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