I usually fret and agonize over assembling a TV Top 10 list. I worry over valuing a novel new series over a more established yet still-excellent show. I sometimes try to smoosh shows together under a theme to smuggle more than 10 onto the list. But this year, putting together the list was a pure, unconflicted pleasure.

Here’s the first (that is to say, last) half of my list, presented in video form:

I love a TV season in which I can lend praise to both civilized cleverness such as Downton Abbey, as well as wilder, more experimental fare such as the moving Enlightened on HBO. And every time I see that huge, stupid-in-his-confidence smile that the character “Stephen Colbert” presents at the start of every Colbert Report, I’m so happy the real Stephen Colbert will be alongside us during the upcoming election season.

Tomorrow, my Top 5 shows. Any guesses as to what numbers 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 will be? (UPDATE: Click here to see the Top 5.)

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