Tommy Hilfiger, ”House Par-tay”
No ugly Christmas sweaters or awkward family drama here. At this impossibly attractive yuletide dance par-tay, there’s a sea of undulating tartan, shirtless guys in winter accessories, and an older gentleman who knows how to get down. But before you can overdose on holiday hotness, the family basset hound pulls the plug on the festivities. Our only question: Where’s our invite?

Google Chrome, ”It Gets Better”
Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project has made a huge impact this year, as seen in this poignant and moving ad that features celebrities like Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert rallying in support of gay youths dealing with bullying, depression, and suicide.

Volkswagen, ”The Force”
Channeling the powers of the dark side, a boy in a Darth Vader costume starts his dad’s Passat using the Force — or so he thinks. You have learned much, young one.

Dior, ”Dior J’adore”
In arguably the most glamorous spot of the year, a radiant and oh-so-chic Charlize Theron breezes in late to a Versailles fashion show where she encounters screen sirens Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, and Marilyn Monroe — brought to life by CGI — before fiercely taking command of the runway.

Education Connection featuring Shannen Doherty
Is this what a diploma from West Beverly High gets you? In a hilariously low-rent spot, former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Shannen Doherty dresses up as a nurse, a crime-scene investigator, a flapper, and more to prove you can do anything with an online degree!