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Bloodrose (out Jan. 3), the third and final volume in Andrea Cremer’s best-selling Nightshade trilogy, ends with a twist so shocking that publishers have been keeping close watch on advance copies. This thought-provoking page-turner centers on Calla Tor as she faces the ultimate battle between the Keepers and the Searchers. If you’re having a hard time waiting until Jan. 3, check out the exclusive trailer for Bloodrose below, and also read what Cremer has to say about her next novel … and that surprise ending!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did it feel to end your trilogy?

It was really a heartbreaking process; not only because I’m so deeply invested in the characters and their journey, but also some of the things that happened are quite difficult throughout the final book. So there was a lot of crying on my part, but it was also very satisfying. I really feel that the story took the direction that I hoped it would, and I hope that readers are as fulfilled as I am by the conclusion.

About that surprise ending …

No one has guessed what it was [correctly] yet, including my editor. It tends to really blindside people.

Have people who’ve already finished the book been pleased with the ending?

They did a very limited ARC distribution because they wanted to keep the ending as under wraps as possible, and so far everyone has been really surprised but really pleased with the ending. I haven’t had any protests or people with pitchforks and torches yet.

What can we look forward to in your next book?

Even though this trilogy, as you said, puts a period on the Nightshade story in some ways, it still is a world that has many stories to tell. Because I’m a historian and I’m always interested in the origins of things, I have a two-book sequence that’s a prequel to the Nightshade trilogy, but it’s a prequel from way back when. It’s set in 15th-century Europe, and it’s about the origins of the witches’ war, so what Calla is still fighting in contemporary times began hundreds of years ago. It’s knights and monsters and magic and religious conspiracy and all sorts of good things that you can pull out of medieval history. Rift will be the first of the books, and that will be out Aug. 7 of 2012. What I love about Rift is that it’s a story for people who have read the Nightshade trilogy — they’ll see the layers of history and how that’s connected to Calla’s world — but for people who are interested in the topic and are just coming to the story, it does function completely as a stand-alone. You don’t need to know what happened in Nightshade to enjoy the story of Rift.

Anything else you’d like to tell your readers?

I just want to thank them so much for the amazing support that they have shown and the enthusiasm and the creativity of their contributions. I’m always amazed by the art and music and things that I receive from fans. It’s really incredible. I just want them to throw their hearts into the story as they read it and I hope they are pleased, and I hope they’ll keep exploring new adventures and characters with me in the future.

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