Dead Space 2

Are we on the cusp of a videogame renaissance? Or have the glory days of the medium already gone by, left behind in a simpler time before multiplatform releases and casual-gamer mediocrities and the-sequel-as-glorified-expansion-pak? This year provided no easy answers for those who want to ponder the future of the videogame industry. Call of Duty broke impossible records yet again, even though no one particularly seemed to enjoy it. The exciting possibilities of motion-control gaming remained just possibilities: The PlayStation Move is still awaiting its killer app, and the Kinect is quickly evolving into a household appliance as essential and as boring as a toaster. The year’s most intriguing non-sequels were either fascinating failures… or they were delayed into 2012. But even if it was a bit of an off-year, there were still plenty of games that offered revelatory experiences, which pushed the boundaries of the form, and which just plain reinvented our whole notion of what fun could be. Check out numbers 10-8 on our 2011 top 10 list in the video below — we’ll publish the rest of the list as soon as we finish investing in the Skyrim real estate market.

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