By Erin Strecker
Updated December 15, 2011 at 05:59 PM EST
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He may have lost Sexiest Man Alive to Bradley Cooper a few weeks ago — although Cooper thinks Gosling was robbed! — but Ryan Gosling still has the Internet in his pocket. This time with a media twist.

As a spin-off of the ever-popular “Hey Girl” meme, where Ryan Gosling says supportive, wonderful things to you via some handy Photoshop, as originally started on F**KYeahRyanGosling, this Tumblr adds in the cutthroat world of publishing, alongside his beautiful face. Suddenly late nights, broken printers, and rejection letters don’t seem so bad.

Titled “Ryan Gosling Works in Publishing” and subtitled Why Not? Maybe He Could this Tumblr is similar to other Ryan Gosling media lovefests such as LibrarianHeyGirl and TypographerRyanGosling.

Get ready to laugh. I particularly enjoyed the post, “Hey Girl. Can I lift those boxes of galleys for you?” as well as, “Hey girl. I’d blurb you.” He knows exactly what I want!

He’s encouraging your publishing dreams, one thought at a time. Got writer’s block? There’s no literary problem Gosling can’t fix.

Readers: Crossing your fingers Ryan Gosling shows up to your office to fix the printer? What else still needs a Gosling Tumblr site devoted to it?

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