The girl with the busy schedule.

Before heading over to the Ziegfeld Theater for the premiere of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, star Rooney Mara stopped right around the block at The Late Show With David Letterman to talk about, among other things, her football background (Fun faux fact: For two years she was a wide receiver for the Broncos. Take that, Tebow!) and the arduous audition and filming process once again. Check out Letterman’s (who seemed pretty psyched about the film, wouldn’t you say?) full interview with the Golden Globe-nominated actress below, including the anecdote at the 9:40 mark in which Rooney describes what happened to a drunk wedding guest who asked her to dance while she was still trying to shake off playing Lisbeth Salander. Let’s just say, it doesn’t end in a fox-trot for the poor guy.

Watch it here:

What did you think of Rooney Mara’s chat with David Letterman on Wednesday night, PopWatchers? Don’t we sort of have to add her to our Bad Bang Hall of Fame? (Or at the very least, reconsider re-casting The Three Stooges?) Share in the comments section below!

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