By Dalton Ross
Updated December 15, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST


Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: South Pacific.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Um…wow. I’ve always help up Erik giving up his immunity necklace in Fans vs. Favorites and then being voted out as the gold standard of dumb Survivor moves. What’s so odd about Brandon now doing the same thing is that he doesn’t seem to view it as dumb in the least. How can I call something strategically idiotic when the person doing it actively refuses to engage in anything strategic? Where does Brandon’s act fall for you in the annals of stupid Survivor moves like what Erik did, James being voted out with two immunity idols, Tyson essentially voting himself out, J.T. giving Russell his idol, etc…

JEFF PROBST: I agree with you that it’s hard to label this as a dumb move since it seems to be based on Brandon feeling it was the “right thing to do.” The more interesting question for me is, did Albert know Brandon was going home? Did he sit there and play dumb when Brandon asked for the idol back?

Be honest Jeff. You’re in danger and someone gives you his immunity idol. That then puts him in danger. You give it back?

Ah, I see you asked my last question with this question! No. You can’t. Not if you want to win.

Both returning players, Coach and Ozzy, have made it to the finale but in completely different ways: Coach by dominating socially and strategically, and Ozzy by dominating physically at Redemption Island. Which is more impressive? And if Ozzy gets back in the game and makes it to the finals, which route would earn your vote as a jury member?

If Ozzy makes it back to the final 3 it’s very hard to vote against him. It’s just such a monumental achievement. But right now my vote would go to Coach if he makes it. I don’t see the case for Rick or Albert. Brandon is out of contention. Sophie is the dark horse. Depends what happens the last few days.

Just one episode left. Tease us up for both the finale and the reunion on Sunday.

It’s the finale, what else do you need? If Ozzy gets back in, he is the favorite.

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