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[Spoiler Alert] If you haven’t seen the season 5 finale of Burn Notice yet, be warned: There are spoilers ahead.

On tonight’s Burn Notice season finale, the question that has dominated the back half of the season was finally answered, for better or for worse. For weeks, evil mastermind Anson has been holding Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) by his throat, threatening to turn evidence over to the authorities that would incriminate Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) for murder. With Anson’s demands becoming too much to bear and with no solution in sight, Fiona did the only thing she could: Surrendered herself to authorities. “I did think that it was inevitable,” Anwar says. “I think it was the only choice that Fiona has. Otherwise Michael, Jeffrey’s character, is going to be strung along by Anson indefinitely.”

Michael, as we saw in tonight’s episode, was willing to do just about anything to keep Fiona out of prison, including burning his fellow spies. Now, how far will he go to free her? “I’m hoping he’ll go to any lengths to free me, now that I’m locked up,” she says. “I think that’s perhaps one of the more realistic reasons why Fiona sacrificed herself, because she thinks that if anyone can get her out of jail, it will be Michael.

Fiona has, at times, questioned Michael’s need to return to the CIA, and during the finale, Anson suggested that he gave Michael a life by burning him — barring contact with his family, friends and the woman he loves – instead of “ruining” his life as Michael is prone to say. Could he ever just be happy with what he has? “He just seems so bloody driven to serve with the government for some peculiar reason that makes absolutely no sense to Fiona,” Anwar says.

Fans will have to wait until the new season begins to see how much time, if any, Fiona spends behind bars. While the violence-prone, former member of the IRA could probably handle herself in a crowd of criminals, Anwar thinks that Fiona won’t get too comfortable. “I think Fiona had a hard time in a window-washing outfit,” she says. “I don’t know if orange is going to suit her.”

Before she had her hands in cuffs, though, Fiona was holding a sniper rifle with Anson in the crosshairs. Just before she could pull the trigger, Michael stepped in the way. If anything, Anwar says, that probably affected Fiona’s ego more than her trust in Michael. “Fiona trusts Michael with her life and I think that Michael trusts Fiona with his, which is really what relationships are based on. Any relationship,” she says.

Still, that doesn’t mean Fiona isn’t anxious for a similar opportunity. “I think Fiona would give just about anything, except Michael, to get him back in her crosshairs,” Anwar says.

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