By Aly Semigran
Updated December 14, 2011 at 05:10 PM EST

Hollywood super-agent Warren Klein is back… and he’s got some distressing news for Christian Slater. A new 1980s voicemail from the awesome, albeit fake, Benihana-loving, straight-shooting Klein — who has previously called up clients like Jami Gertz, C. Thomas Howell, Kirk Cameron — has been unearthed, warning the Gleaming the Cube star about the release of rival skateboarding flick, Thrashin‘. (“The trades are gonna eat this up! Two action-packed romantic skateboarding epics in the same quarter!”) Of course, we all know now that Thrashin‘ was released in 1986, while Gleaming the Cube was released in 1989, but that’s not even Klein’s best dead-wrong but well-meaning prediction. Some gems: The Goonies‘ Jonathan Quan would star in The Last Emperor, Josh Brolin is a “dud.” But he’s right about one thing: There’s only one Mike Winslow.

Watch and listen to the hilarious third Warren Klein installment from FunnyOrDie here:

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