By Tanner Stransky
December 14, 2011 at 01:00 PM EST
TV Land

Everyone’s got a mother, and on TV Land’s new sitcom, The Exes, Kristen Johnston’s is none other than Judith Light. That’s right, the Who’s the Boss? star is set to guest on the Jan. 4 episode, titled “A Very Wrong Engagement,” as the mother to Johnston’s divorce attorney character, Holly. EW has an exclusive first look at the pair together, which you can see in all its glory below.

TV Land

The episode finds Holly’s mother visiting her with the intention of going wedding-dress shopping. The only issue is that Holly broke off her engagement months ago — but she forgot to mention that to her mother, who is nothing but pleased with her other, happily married daughter. So what goes down? Holly suffers through a trip to the bridal shop and manages to get somewhat excited about trying on dresses, hence what’s happening above. “So, I do not want to do this,” Johnston explains to EW. “I do not want to be there. I thought we were going to lunch. She convinces me to try on dresses, so I go back there begrudgingly. But I sort of convince myself of the fantasy in that moment.”

Johnston tells us that there wasn’t a better choice to play her mother on the show besides Light. “I was so happy to have Judith Light on as my mom because, you know, she and I, we love the gays,” says Johnston, who guest-starred on ABC’s Ugly Betty, which starred Light. “I’ve seen her at all the gay stuff and the animal stuff, so we have similar passions. I’ve just always really liked her. She’s just a kind person. She’s just a warrior. She’s just a brilliant, brilliant actress. I can’t believe she made her name in comedy because that lady is a crier. She’s a real serious, dramatic actress that happened to be on a Tony Danza show. She’s just wonderful.”

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