While her album Love? won’t be showing up on Entertainment Weekly‘s list of the 10 best albums of 2011 (you can see that list in the issue that hits newsstands this Friday, by the way), Jennifer Lopez has ultimately had more ups than downs this year.

Sure, her marriage ended and she got involved in this debacle with Mick Jagger and, but Love? sold well, “On the Floor” shot her back up the charts, and she received consistently high marks for her run on American Idol.

She also cashed quite a few checks from the likes of car manufacturer Fiat, cosmetics company L’Oreal, and now fancy home-theater masterminds Harman/Kardon. In the new commercial, Lopez presides over a symphony of destruction that somehow acts as a metaphor for sonic self-improvement and contemporary comfort. Or something.

Watch it for yourself below:

Here’s the good news: That 30-second spot isn’t anywhere near as embarrassing as the commercial for Fiat, which acted as sort of a backdoor video for the single “Papi.”

Lopez is free to do what she likes with her career, and you can’t get mad at her for grabbing for lucrative advertising opportunities. (In 2011, there is no such thing as selling out.) But there are more artful ways to get your cheddar than this piece of goofballery.

The twist is that even though the Lopez spot made people who type things on the Internet uncomfortable, the star association is paying off handsomely for Fiat. According to Billboard, they’ve received a 500 percent increase in traffic to their YouTube channel, and brand awareness is up 47 percent during the period when Lopez’s commercial was in heavy rotation. (The fact that it aired in high-profile slots opposite the NFL couldn’t have hurt, either.)

As far as Lopez goes, haters will just have to grin and bare it for a while; she won’t be going away anytime soon. American Idol returns in the new year, she might be crossing the globe stealing ancient artifacts, and 2012 will also see the debut of her new show Q’Viva! on Univision.

And since In Living Color is coming back, how long before Lopez makes a cameo on the show that kick-started her entire career?

What do you think of Lopez’s commercial endeavors? Sell out with us in the comments.