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After five years on Burn Notice, burned spy Michael Westen is poised to reclaim his former life in the CIA. There’s just one little problem… the man responsible for burning him in the first place is forcing Michael to do his evil bidding in exchange for not turning evidence over to the authorities that would land Michael’s true love Fiona in prison for a long, long time.

Or, in the world of Michael Weston, it’s a Thursday.

With things heating up, Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan stopped by EW to hint about where things may be going and tease the explosive Dec. 15 finale, which finds Michael running an official CIA team and fighting against time to clear Fiona’s name. He says that fans will see Michael and Fiona address their relationship head-on before the episode ends in a cliff-hanger that will have everyone panting for season 6. Click through for the full interview.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tell us about the finale?

JEFFREY DONOVAN: Well, you’re going to see Michael and Fiona more emotionally charged than they ever have been towards each other. I think vulnerability is something that they both know how to hide because of their trade, but with each other it’s very hard not to hide it. They want to expose how they feel towards each other but they’re both afraid of it. Finally in the finale, it’s quite a dramatic moment between the two, and I think the fans will not only be excited about the finale but about episode 1 of next season.

After five seasons, Michael is essentially back in the good graces of the CIA. Will that still be true after the finale?

Michael has this nemesis, Anson, played brilliantly by Jere Burns, and what Michael always wanted was to get back into the CIA. Now that he’s back in, yes, it is what he expected, but no one saw it coming that he would be under the thumb of the guy that actually burned him. I think the CIA is what he thought it was going to be, but I don’t think he thought the predicament he was going to be in was the one he’s going to have to handle.

There’s a scene in the finale where Anson suggests that by burning Michael, he didn’t ruin his life but gave him one. Fiona has said similar things over the years. Does Michael ever consider that he might be better off burned?

The first five seasons were about Michael being burned and getting back in. Now we see him back in, and there is this torturing aspect about what his relationship to his family — especially Fiona – is and how it can now be used against him? I think in the future you’re going to see Michael go down a rogue-agent role where he must commit crimes to protect the one person he loves more than anything, more than even his own country. That might be where it’s heading and Anson might have to play, in some sort of duplicitous way, a role in that.

Early in the season, Jesse had the chance to return to his old life but instead chose to stay with private security. Could Michael Weston ever be happy with what he has?

It’s a great question. I think that he’s striving to find answers for questions that he’ll never know. What made him? Who made him the way he was? As the show is progressing, it’s getting deeper and deeper into who Michael’s father was and what his upbringing was like. Anson, in the brilliant kind of freakish psychoanalyst that he is, taps into knowing that Michael has to save everyone because he’s trying to save himself. He’ll never save himself, but Michael doesn’t know that. This whole season has been building towards a climax with Anson. What’s going to happen with him? I think that the audience will be surprised at what doesn’t happen to Anson. He’ll become a secondary character only because of the intensity of what’s happening between Michael and Fiona. I think the fans, hopefully, have wanted to see this kind of emotion between these two and they’ll finally see it. It’s a great cliff-hanger to season 6.

(Sandra Gonzales contributed to this report)

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