Well, it was good while it lasted. After enticing political junkies and late night comics with the prospect of hosting his very own Republican presidential debate, professional media luminary Donald Trump announced today that he has pulled out of moderating the debate planned by right-wing publication Newsmax in Iowa on Dec. 27.

Of course, because this is Donald Trump we're taking about, he did so while also managing to float once again the prospect of him running for president as an independent candidate by citing said possibility as the reason he was withdrawing from the Iowa debate. And, for good measure, he managed to plug The Apprentice in the very first sentence of his announcement. Which you can read in full below. Behold:

One could speculate that Trump is no longer moderating the Newsmax debate because only Gingrich and Santorum have agreed to attend, and several high-profile candidates — like Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Jon Huntsman — explicitly declined to be a part of The Celebrity Apprentice: Iowa Edition. And one could also note that former Celebrity Apprentice cast member Gary Busey has already endorsed Newt Gingrich, placing Trump in an ethical minefield, especially if Meat Loaf gets word of it. But one would be obviously wrong in doing so. Because one has obviously forgotten how serious and important and HUGE a political figure Donald Trump has become in the past year, when he was for a brief, shining moment the GOP frontrunner, and he singlehandedly got President Barack Obama to finally — FINALLY!!! — release his birth certificate. So clearly, Romney, Paul, and Huntsman are terrified of his prospective candidacy, and therefore will miss out on what would have been "not only … the most watched debate, but also the most substantive and interesting debate!" It is their loss, and it is ours.

Do you agree? Or do you think just maybe democracy is better served when its reality TV sideshow barkers stay out of politics?

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