There are currently two primary types of superhero movies: the moody Nolanesque thriller and the sprightly Favreauvian action-comedy. Judging by the new poster for next year’s The Amazing Spider-Man, the back-to-high-school reboot will be moving the franchise into some decidedly darker, Dark Knight-ier territory. The poster even has the same shadowy aesthetic color scheme as the just-released one-sheet for The Dark Knight Rises: same distinctive visual, same urban grit, same straightforward tagline. In this case, Amazing Spider-Man claims to be “The Untold Story.” For a brief moment, I thought that catchphrase indicated that the movie would be drawing from Untold Tales of Spider-Man, a stealth classic throwback series which was basically the only source for good Spider-Man stories in the 1990s. But I’m guessing the line is actually just a tease about the appearance in Amazing of Peter Parker’s biological parents, who are in the trailer just long enough to establish that Peter Parker is an orphan… kind of like Bruce Wayne. Check out the poster:

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The Amazing Spider-Man

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