By Kristen Baldwin
Updated December 12, 2011 at 10:49 PM EST
Ruby Show Style

Ruby fans, you’re not going to be very “hacky” about this announcement: The Style network has confirmed to that it has “no plans” to order a fifth season of the reality show, which chronicled the weight-loss trials of charismatic Savannah resident Ruby Gettinger.

The series premiered in 2008, and the fourth season premiere, which aired on March 6 of this year, pulled in 473,000 total viewers.

A spokesperson for the Style network said that while the door isn’t completely closed to resuming production on Rubyin the future, at this point “there are no plans to move forward with a season five.”

The network released the following statement: “We thank Ruby for sharing her inspirational journey with the Style viewers, and we look forward to her serving as a ‘Fight with Style’ Ambassador in the fight against obesity.”