UPDATED: You know how when you’re really mad at your significant other and, even though they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong, they’ll apologize “for hurting your feelings” — but the apology is really more about you being mad than the other person admitting they messed up?

That’s what Lowe’s just did in their spat with TLC’s All-American Muslim.

The hardware giant updated their stance on pulling its ads from the reality show, which has caused a furor of outrage.

“As you know, the TLC program All-American Muslim has become a lightning rod for people to voice complaints from a variety of perspectives – political, social and otherwise,” the company said. “Following this development, dozens of companies removed their advertising from the program beginning in late November. Lowe’s made the decision to discontinue our advertising on Dec. 5. As we shared yesterday, we have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we’re proud of that longstanding commitment. If we have made anyone question that commitment, we apologize.”

For this who missed it this weekend, social activist and hip-hop mogul Simmons blasted Lowe’s in an interview with Meanwhile, a few more celebrities joined the fray, with Kal Penn, Mia Farrow, and Danny Masterson tweeting their support for the show.

“Congrats Lowe’s, u r officially religious does it feel?” tweeted Masterson.

“Our next movie: ‘Harold & Kumar Do Not Go To @Lowes,’” wrote Kal Penn. “Please take a sec to sign & support an all-American show.”

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