Jessica Simpson
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What’s The Price of Beauty? About $3 million if you’re Jessica Simpson. That’s how much the expectant mother is reportedly earning to in a deal with Weight Watchers. It seems Simpson will head directly from the delivery room to the treadmill this spring. All credit to Simpson for taking back control of her body, but couldn’t she have at least let the afterbirth dry? What message does this sprint back to her pre-baby body send to other new moms?

For her part, Simpson has said that she loves everything about pregnancy, including her changing figure. She told People, “I love being pregnant. I have such an incredible connection with myself and with my body that I’ve never had before.” Her Oct. 31 tweet confirming the pregnancy showcased her bump, and she’s openly gushed about the fun she’s had expanding her style with a maternity wardrobe.

Simpson has led an incredibly public life since starring in 2003’s Newlyweds with ex-husband Nick Lachey. Also, Simpson has battled gossip about her weight for years, the low point of which was a particularly mean assault after she donned “mom jeans” at a 2009 chili cookoff. In that light, it’s not an entirely unexpected move.

Other singer-moms like Mariah Carey, who inked a deal with Jenny Craig four months after giving birth to twins, and fellow Weight Watchers spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson, who has a two-year-old son, have also put their weight battles out there for public consumption. But just because it’s a logical conclusion doesn’t make it any less concerning. In the case of Hudson and Carey, those singers waited until after they had already given birth to their children to get on the baby weight-bashing train. Do you think Simpson’s premature announcement sends a bad signal? And does her eagerness to slim down validate the criticism that’s been lobbed against her?

Some are speculating that this preemptive strike is inspired by her desire to quickly wed Eric Johnson, her fiancé of more than a year and the baby’s father. I’m all for health, happiness, and the pursuit of bridal couture, but should the desire to fit into a wedding dress factor into the lifestyle of a new mother with an infant?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is it in bad taste to broker a weight loss deal while still pregnant? Or do you think she’s providing a positive example for new mothers?

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