By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 09, 2011 at 01:59 PM EST

It’s the thought that counts when you give a gift, but it really counts when you’re giving it on a scripted TV show and millions of fans are watching. On last night’s Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope claimed the title of Best Gifter Ever multiple times over. SPOILER ALERT, skip to the next graph if you haven’t seen the episode: I would say her finest effort was either the commissioning of the painting of warrior April holding the severed heads of the Black Eyed Peas (technically, she had her foot on’s) or the motorizing of Ron’s doors so they can close at the touch of a button (which brought him to tears). What I’ve always loved about Parks and Rec is that while Leslie is her own special Type A brand of crazy, her coworkers/friends actually recognize and appreciate everything she does for them. That’s why they made her a gingerbread house replica of the Parks Department, and Ron decided if they could all band together to do that, they could be her campaign staff since her advisors abandoned her (“Ron Swanson, any other damn thing you might need” — I teared up).

It got me thinking: What is the best Christmas present you’ve seen gifted on a scripted TV show? British Office spoiler: Does anything top the oil paint set and “Never Give Up” note that Tim gave Dawn? It was so thoughtful that she dumped her fiancé and returned to the holiday party to give us one of TV’s most romantic kisses. What gifts do you remember? For some reason, the second image that came to my mind was Booth and Parker standing with a decorated Christmas tree outside the prison trailer where Brennan was celebrating Christmas Eve with her family, because they weren’t allowed to have one inside because it could be shiv material. That sounds less romantic when you say it like that…

Your turn. Go!

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