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Break out the blue cigars: Pam Halpert had her baby, apparently.

I know this not because of any mention on the show, but instead a blog post that went up last night on the show’s official website. “He’s Here!” the blog proclaims. “It’s official! I’ve said goodbye to my lovely lady bump, and hello to baby Philip Halpert!!!” You can read the full announcement on the fun baby blog (complete with a photo of baby Halpert).

I’d love to know who is responsible for the blog. It’s just as full of corny Mom jokes as real-life Mommy blogs. The same announcement entry reads, “When we brought Philip home, Cece was overwhelmed with emotion. First she threw her Vtech at the wall and started crying, but then all she wanted to do was be near him. It was pretty adorable. Now I just need to get her to be able to say “Philip” instead of “Pull-Up” so I’m not instinctively rushing to her side with Huggies every time :)”

I’m thrilled to hear that all is well and good for America’s favorite fictional couple, but you wouldn’t know it unless you were creepily invested in the show, and were reading up on their latest on the baby blog (AKA you’re me).

As a regular viewer, there was no mention on the show of her giving birth or being on leave. Pam just wasn’t there one day, and her replacement Kathy just started working with Dwight and Jim. Now, obviously, anyone could assume that she had the kid and started her maternity leave, but didn’t you find it a little odd that it wasn’t mentioned? Couldn’t Jim give a quick ‘new dad’ update to the camera or fellow mommy-to-be Angela say a final snarky comment?

I’m not asking for the full hospital storyline that we got when Cece was born. In fact, the less characters that are in hospitals on sitcoms, the better. It never ends well. (See: Friends.) Graphic birth scenes on TV just make me uncomfortable. But I was hoping for a little something. I know the show doesn’t capture every little thing these characters do. But a baby? Surely that warrants a mention. Are you telling me that Scranton’s favorite party planning committee really didn’t rush over some balloons or cake?

At first it didn’t bother me much, but last night’s mid-season finale Christmas episode would have been an ideal time to give viewers some kind of news. Cece was even part of the plot — Jim defaced a photo of her to try and blame Dwight. What about Philip, Jim? Where’s his defaced photo on your desk?

PopWatchers: Are you as confused as I am? Can we assume Jenna Fischer’s real-life pregnancy probably had something to do with the quick disappearance? What other current shows have unresolved mysteries that are bugging you?

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Michael Scott, The Office (Steve Carell)
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