Lindsay Lohan
Credit: Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

Let that professional train-wreck career begin! Just one day after Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover hit the Web, the actress’ entire photo spread in the magazine is also poised to go viral. That’s right: Uncensored pictures starring the actress are now available online! (Click here to see them.)

So how does she look? Well, like Lindsay Lohan naked. You all might be clicking through the photos, looking at Lohan’s hidden gems, but I’m distracted by something else entirely: The uncreative set. Seriously, as much as I know it’s inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s Playboy photo shoot of yore, I still can’t help thinking I haven’t seen anything so one-note since the acting in I Know Who Killed Me. (Badum-ching!)

Two more questions: Since this was presumably shot in his house, where is Quagmire? Also, for those of you who managed to resist clicking above, do you plan to look at the pictures? I admit, it feels a bit odd seeing the woman formerly known as the little girl from The Parent Trap writhing around on tacky furniture, but this is still better than this photo shoot, right?

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