December 09, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

Grab your wallets and head to a seedy bookstore several miles away from home: In a move not entirely unexpected — since its cover girl’s entire nude photo spread has leaked onto the Web — Playboy has decided to release its January-February issue featuring Lindsay Lohan early. Though Playboy intended for its cover to be revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Dec. 15, the image found its way onto the Internet on Thursday. Then, one day later, Lohan’s entire spread hit the Web. Hugh Hefner tweeted today, “Because of the interest & the Internet leak, we’re releasing the Lindsay Lohan issue early.”

How early? The issue — originally schedule to hit stands much later this month — will hit stands Dec. 16. And, based on his Twitter, Hefner seems to be enthusiastic about the leak (“Hefner” and “leak” should never go together in the same sentence, am I right?): “Lindsay Lohan was the top search name on the Internet yesterday. Her issue goes on sale late next week. Hot. Hot. Hot.” So does Hef think Lohan is hot enough to fuel Playboy sales despite the leak? Or did he just burn his tongue on some split pea soup mid-tweet?

It’s hard to imagine — now that the images have been seen by anyone with a computer — that fans and detractors alike will race to grab a copy of Lohan’s Playboy. But it’s plausible that the issue would outsell others from this year — after all, this would be a valuable exhibit in the train-wreck museum. (Sitting alongside hankies from sobbing Bachelor contestants and this mind-bending outfit.) Earlier today, I asked you if you would look at Lohan’s Playboy spread online. Now I have a different — albeit, very similar — question: Will you buy Lohan’s Playboy?

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