By Erin Strecker
Updated December 09, 2011 at 08:46 PM EST

Love is clearly in the air at McKinley High. And in this just-released clip from next week’s Christmas episode of Glee, Lima, Ohio’s favorite teenagers will certainly be rocking around the Christmas tree.

Much like the “Most Wonderful Day of the Year,” tune from last season’s holiday episode, this “All I Want For Christmas Is You” cover features the whole crew of kids (They’re all together again!) getting into the holiday spirit—and searching for a little mistletoe, presumably, as all the couples are sharing flirty glances while they dance the school day away. Who hasn’t used tinsel as a boa while decorating the tree?

Fashion update: Rachel’s ensembles are typically pretty hit-or-miss, but I’m coveting both her red party dress and her updo in this clip. And Blaine’s blazer may be the best part of this whole thing.

So much happiness, all in one two-minute video! Check out the Christmas cheer below:

We’ve certainly seen a bunch of this song recently. From Mariah Carey’s duet with the Biebs to the fun-loving NY dancers to those adorable sailors, this song is the gift that keeps on giving each December. The Glee edition raises the bar, though, by ending in a squee-worthy Rachel/Finn kiss.

Readers: The contemporary classic is sure to produce a few more versions before the 25th. What are your favorites? And does this song get you pumped for Glee next week?

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