December 09, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST

Picking EW’s Entertainers of the Year always makes for a good time — even when our voting process turns into a brawl. Our 2011 list ranges from Daniel Radcliffe (a shoo-in for the top slot) to Louis C.K., and it features an army of incredibly impressive guest writers: Julia Roberts on Adele, Meryl Streep on Viola Davis, and Sandra Bullock on Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It’s the perfect issue, in fact, to launch EW on the tablet. That’s right, our tablet version is here and you’re going to love it. You may already have our indispensable Must List iPad app, but now you can read the whole magazine in print, on your iPad, on your Nook Color, on your Kindle Fire, and on other tablets. Even better news: If you’re a print subscriber, the tablet versions are free. A special thanks goes to our very smart and creative tablet team led by Henry Goldblatt, Heather Haggerty, Jennifer Laga, and Lou Vogel. EW was practically born for these digital platforms, where you can download music and books, buy movie tickets, play trailers, and all that good stuff. Have fun.

More good news: Libby Gelman-Waxner is back! You may recall Libby’s genius, hilarious If You Ask Me column in Premiere years ago. The deeply shallow and somewhat mysterious Libby was billed as ”America’s most beloved and irresponsible critic.” (She called Wall Street ”an illustration of all the terrible things that can happen to a person who wants to date Daryl Hannah.”) Starting with this issue, the column will appear regularly in EW. And beginning in January, Libby will grace our website in a recurring Ask Libby feature. Now, some of you will be asking, ”Who is Libby?” Personally, I think Libby is all of us, because the column so scathingly articulates what we’re all really thinking when we watch movies. Here at EW, Libby can cover all kinds of pop culture, though I think her first love is film — or as Libby calls it, ”an important arena of expression, as well as a wonderful excuse to drink Diet Coke.”

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