By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 09, 2011 at 08:41 PM EST


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A second trailer for Peter Berg’s Battleship has emerged — watch it below — and Universal is done pretending it is a character-driven drama that happens to take place on the sea, during an alien invasion, as advertised in the first trailer. It’s a blockbuster tent pole “From Hasbro the company that brought you Transformers.” To me, that line makes as much sense as the one on the poster for When in Rome that touted the Josh Duhamel-Kristen Bell film was “From the studio that brought you The Proposal.” Clearly, Universal was worried you wouldn’t get the Transformers vibe from the mysterious opening (the moon isn’t the best place to hide now, it’s the ocean), the industrial score and sound effects, and the alien objects actually transforming.

Other quick thoughts:

• The action takes place at an international naval war games. That’s how they get all those ships in the same place. The question is: Will America (F— yeah!) still be the only nation smart enough to figure out how to defeat the threat? Or will another nation be worthy of taking our orders?

• Oh hell no, aliens. You do not blow broken glass into the handsome face of Alexander Skarsgard. Now this is war! (But also, why didn’t it cut him?)

• Rihanna’s probably going to do a lot of plot exposition. And yelling.

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